Minnow Park



Most seasonal lines are just that, seasonal. They are meant to entice you when they come out, then mock you when their time has passed. 3Sixteen wants to challenge that crucial model of the fashion business: 

"Everything about the jean, from the cut to the buttons, rivets, leather patch, and stitch color, was selected to demonstrate a level of lasting quality and versatility.

Our shirts, jackets, basics and accessories all take cues in form and function from our jeans. Fabrics and trims are always chosen for their capacity to develop character with time. Our aim is that, with diligent wear, our customers are rewarded with something well aged, never “old.”"

I participated in photographing three different seasons of their clothing. Working in both natural and studio settings, the goal was to highlight the craft of the clothing while staying true to the story of 3Sixteen.