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Why I Love Photographing Weddings

About halfway into the ceremony, a mirror was brought out for the bride and groom to hold and the officiant asked to them to say what they saw.

Fatma said, “I see someone who has supported and loved me through the hardest times in my life.” Justin replied, “I see the kindest and strongest person I’ve ever known.”

The bride was a cancer survivor. She had gone through treatment the year before, and surgery only a few months before the wedding. That ceremony wasn’t just a celebration of their love, but a culmination of the long road they had traveled to get there.

In the midst of this I was there, standing closer to them than even their family and friends because I was invited as a trusted witness to photograph their day. Then to be able to give back to them those moments a few weeks later as images that last for years and years is something I do not take for granted. It's something I am grateful for every time I pick up my camera, and why I love photographing weddings.