Minnow Park


35 Years Young


My wife Becky, did an impromptu interview with me the other day about turning 35. She asked questions like, what do I want to accomplish this year for myself? (Start a podcast) What would I tell my 30-year-old self? (Stop over thinking) Greatest fear you overcame? (Scarcity mindset)⠀

When she asked how I felt about turning 35, I realized for the first time it felt like my age was for me, rather than against me.⠀

I took that photo of the snow on my 30th birthday, and it captures how I felt that day. I remember telling Becky that it was sobering to be that old and not feel ready for it. There were still things I needed to do and had to become before I felt like I could enter my 30's.⠀

But now, all the things I want to do wouldn’t be possible without the 35 years of experience under my belt. I wouldn’t be as self aware and comfortable with myself if I was 20 and trying so desperately to find validation from other people. The projects I’m taking on would be impossible when I was 26 as just starting out, still learning, and finding my own style. I wouldn’t have this beautiful marriage with Becky for 4 years if I was 30 that has grown and challenged me.⠀

There’s so much that I want to do, and I’ve built enough tools to start building. I want to follow my curiosity wherever that leads me, and not be afraid of failure. I want to lean into my emotions and fears and work them out as graciously as I can. I want to serve my community, invest in deep friendships.⠀

Growing old doesn’t have to feel draining and inevitable, this year it’s empowering.