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How I Built My Morning Routine

There’s a running joke amongst my friends that 10PM is my bedtime. And it’s true. I can’t stay up at night because I'm a morning person, through and through. That time between 5:45 - 8:45 is magic for me. It’s when I am alert and the most willing to do the deep work. And if I could do my most important work then, it sets me up for the rest of the day. The problem was, I was wasting it most mornings and didn’t do what I wanted to do during that time.

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Smoke Signals: Thoughts on the Fyre Festival

I recently watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix. It’s one of those, you-can’t-make-this-up stories about a music festival that was supposed to be the “cultural experience of the decade,” but never happened. It was a total fraud. Looking deeper though, it is a cautionary tale about how hollow our society has become. There’s billions of dollars being put into influence and hype, but so much of it has no substance. This failed festival is the epitome of that.

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Canon EOS R Review

It's been a while since I was looking forward to a new camera body like the EOS R. Usually I’s wait to see what the next iteration of the 5D line would be and if it had enough upgrades, or if the one I had was getting too old, I’d upgrade. The 5D Mark III and Mark IV bodies I have now are workhorses, and they get the job done well. 

But when I heard about a full frame mirrorless camera that was smaller than a DSLR, had an actual silent shutter, and that it was compatible with my EF lenses, I was stoked. I ordered it and it arrived on launch day. I’ve used it exclusively for the past three weeks on multiple shoots from portrait sessions to events. And although all of those features lived up to its expectation, I returned the camera today.

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