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The Artists of Mexico City

Mexico City, or CDMX, is a city for the senses: the vibrant colors of buildings, the scent of freshly made tortilla from the taco stand, a trio playing a lively song in front of diners, walls with murals that span half a block, and the delicious food. Oh, the food. CDMX is a total foodie town.

We went last week during our sabbatical to cap off celebrations for Becky’s 30th birthday. Our friend Andrew said such wonderful things about the city, and he encouraged us to visit. All I knew of Mexico were beaches and Spring Break. How ignorant I was.

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Andrew Chen for Maekan

Andrew is a good friend, the co-founder of 3Sixteen, and a partner at Self Edge in New York City. But before all that, he is a husband and a father to two beautiful boys, Logan and Hunter. I had the pleasure of spending the day with Andrew and his sons as they spent the morning with building blocks, books, and a trip to the museum. The boys were excited to spend the day with their dad. And I saw how thoughtful Andrew was in steering their bright-eyed curiosity through games and art. 

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