Minnow Park


I've had the Best in Tokyo

Before I visited Tokyo, I was very liberal with my superlatives.

"This is amazing!"
"That movie was unbelievable!"
"That was the best _____ I ever had!" 

But now that I'm back, I've become much more conservative with my praises. Because in Tokyo, I really did have the best. The best coffee I've ever had was at Chatei Hatou in Shibuya. The best steak I ever had was at Gyu-an in Ginza. The best hotel I've ever stayed at was at the Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku. And the hands down best meal I've ever had was at Kyubey in Ginza. These are true statements, that may fall on skeptical ears because I've wasted the word "best".

And so after coming down from Tokyo's mountain, I'm going to make sure other experiences are just as high and majestic before I use such lofty words.