Minnow Park



I shouldn’t have been surprised as I got to know Soo, the person behind @browneyedtoast, that there are many more layers to her than what I and 190,000 followers see on Instagram, but I was. This whole phenomenon of democratized celebrity is still very new to us. What makes Browneyedtoast special isn’t because she shares everything about her, but that it is a personification of her sensibilities and elegant taste.

There’s as much thought going into each outfit, details, textures, and silhouettes, as someone who takes the time to share their life story. It was new for me to use those elements rather than what I’m used to, but what Soo is aiming for is not to tell her story as much as to be an influence.

Because if an influencer does their job right, they can shape a conversation. They are a catalyst to spread an idea, a lifestyle, a message that bigger than them. It’s getting harder and harder to find the right voices as the industry gets crowded with other aspirational influencers, but Soo understands her role well. It’s less about her ego and validation and more about how to build and serve the network she’s made and, in turn, serve her followers.